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Hi everyone, and welcome to the first of what will hopefully be semi-regular posts on this site for those of you interested in keeping track of my travels and/or those who just want to know that I am, in fact, still alive.

 It’s been a surprisingly busy last few weeks since my last day of work on Dec 28th – lots of details to attend to before I left as well as numerous lunches, get-togethers etc with all my wonderful friends and family.  But alas the day is almost upon me now – I leave tomorrow morning for Dubai for (at least) a month, tentative return to Denver being Feb 13th, and then a week or so in town before starting the next and longer leg of the journey.  I’m nervously excited for the trip, and really hoping I can sleep at least a little on the 14 hour flight from Atlanta to Dubai tomorrow night.

I’m new to this blogging thing, so hopefully this site will be somewhat user friendly, but feel free to tell me how screwed up it is and I’ll… get right on it.

My first round of pictures are posted here – most are from the going away party that my friends threw for me.  We had tea and finger sandwiches, got our nails done, and then held a book club meeting.  Lovely time, just lovely.

Some logistical things:

*  I’m suspending my cell phone, so unfortunately I wont be reachable by phone during my trip.  Just didnt make sense to keep it active considering the costs and lack of coverage.

*  You can use my gmail account to keep in touch with me, though since I will only have my laptop during the Dubai portion of the trip it might be tough for me to be a good emailer as I’ll focus on writing posts when I hit various internet cafes along the way in Central America.

*  I’m going to try to hold myself to a post at least every two weeks – even if its just a quick “still alive, having fun, am in X location etc etc”.  I’ll also plan on sending out an email to those of you who have expressed interest in reading such posts that there is a new post ready to view.  If at any time you dont want such emails, or if other people would like to be added, just let me know.

Think that’s about it for now – thanks to everyone who has helped me take on this adventure – without such a great support system of friends and family it would never have been possible!



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